Find Yourself…

Find Yourself…

Efil sah on etomer, ekaw pu dna evil ti won..

As we all just had a try to figure it out what has written above, it’s not like we can’t read it or we can’t make it out sensible but it will only gonna happen when we give our time and yes our ‘precious’ time to it. Well we gonna come later on ‘time’. But here, It’s just a slogan which is written on a strangers ‘Tee-Top’ who might or not have known to it. I catched it from there. 

But the thing here is I myself made it “unreadable” To bring out my sensible inner being, where possibly it can be knowingly unknown puzzle which still wants to be solve. Now why I did so? Everybody should definitely have this question in their mind. Just to check my people intelligence? Just to give you all a ‘Gyaan’? Just to have fun? Or Just to make my blog interesting? No people, Just wait and be relax I know you all wants to know the reason behind it. But sometimes what happens we ourselves make our life tangle, we ourselves starts knitting our dreams and reality all together, we ourselves sees straight things in zigzag manner. That is the answer my people….Simple na!!

Just be calm and communicate with the flow, don’t bother for the answers, don’t go for the perfection, just be right at your place and leave the rest in ‘piece’ and life will give you your best outcome.

Now a question from here is: Have you all notice something positive in the above line or just fighting for the words arrangements?

If you find than let me know. If not will come on that in our next writing.


Sunanda Jadaun

A Literature lover, Teacher, Researcher, Writer, Poet and Artist are the words that describe me the best. I love to share my thoughts and connect people with my Merakiness.

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  1. Nidheesh Pillai

    I read it right to left and then read it again left to right, and was happy to know I was right to understand what was left behind.


  2. Meraki - DS

    Thank you..Hope you will like other posts too..😊

  3. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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