Air in the Balloons, might be happier than air in ‘Bags’.


Happiness can be found in minimalist lifestyle.  Sometimes we co-relate happiness with comfort and luxuries on that we mostly depends, are just for our ‘Comfort’ but we take it as our happiness.  A luxury car, big house, expensive gadgets and other bigger facilities seems worthless unless we have someone to share and enjoy with.  A person deprive with facilities can live his/her life fully with loved ones. Satisfaction with simple life is better than hotchpotch in so called ‘fame’ and ‘fake’ attitude.

so, luxuries can give you comfort but dear and near ones are your real gems.

Sunanda Jadaun

A Literature lover, Teacher, Researcher, Writer, Poet and Artist are the words that describe me the best. I love to share my thoughts and connect people with my Merakiness.

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  1. Shaunak

    Very true! I totally agree with you on every part. And life simple life with satisfaction is wayyyy much better than hotchpotch life with fame and fake attitude. Too good yaar. Minimalist writing, larger impact

  2. Sunanda Jadaun

    Thank you … Now your comments are here..😄

  3. Akriti

    The beauty of your writing is that, in very simple language, you bring across the most important lessons of life. Keep writing, keep enlightening.❤️

  4. Sunanda Jadaun

    Thenkiewww sweetieee…😍♥️

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