A Materialistic Laybirynth.


Life is a race without legs, wheels or even destination. Start and end are the two basic pillars where we apparently wobble between them. Everyone has different path and unique journey. There can be seen multiple cracks in desired life but we should mend them with patches and present like a masterpiece. No matter how much we wander in search of desired place or position in labyrinth but we should have patience of finishing it gracefully.

So to conclude I would say we should find real meaning in labyrinth itself, called ‘Life’.


Sunanda Jadaun

A Literature lover, Teacher, Researcher, Writer, Poet and Artist are the words that describe me the best. I love to share my thoughts and connect people with my Merakiness.

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  2. Shaunak

    Its simple and amazing! And soo true. I Loved this line about having multiple crack in desired life and present it by mending it. It’s something totally relatable for me. Just loved it dude!

  3. Sunanda Jadaun

    Thanks…Stay connected..👍😃

  4. Charu

    Nice thought! Life is a race without legs, this one line says it all. And yes instead of all the cracks we must present a masterpiece.

  5. Sunanda Jadaun


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