Nepotism: A Bollywood Bug

Nepotism: A Bollywood Bug

Nepotism can be defined as an act of power and influence unethically to get the near and dear ones a good work or a good job. It is omnipresent in each and every sphere of work life. Nepotism in bollywood is not a new phenomenon but for years this topic has not been given a much acceptence of discussion. Rarely someone has courage to front stars as they can take it as an alligation.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has stirred this discussion on nepotism, and sparked debate on natural talent Vs starkids.  It is indeed a bitter truth of bollywood that the seeds of nepotism have now really grown up into large trees with strong roots. There is barely any place for an outsider, if they occupy some space that is also because of their hard work for years before.  Actors with pure talent were sidelined as first priorities are given to favourites and relatives.

Talent, when I say talent it is not just about acting talent, it is about everything.  The so called starkids are  not have any other skill apart from acting. Most of them don’t even know acting as well.  Some of them are not even 12th pass.  Now think about the scenario, if not acting, what will these starkids do? That’s the only thing they have or know and when someone, an outsider starts performing better, it is natural for them to get jealous and insecure and try to throw them off.  Now some of you may argue with me that No, some of them are educated and talented, I may agree with you to some extent, but again, most of the foreign university degrees will not be due to merit, it is simply because “inke papa ke pas bahot sara paisa hai” and most of them might not be able to get a job or something.  So, for most, this is the only chance to do something in life and how can they let this happen that some engineering or other topper comes up and steals their charm.

The bold, fearless and an outsider actress Kangana Ranaut labelled Karan Johar ‘the flag bearer of nepotism’ in his famous chat show.  She also called him ‘snooty and intolerance’ towards outsiders in films.  Other actress Taapsee Pannu tweeted “Nepotism. Finally learnt the meaning of this word. Now will learn to deal with it.”   Mira Rajput wife of Shahid Kapoor also said that she dislike nepotism.  But the star kids never seen to talk about this openly as they always seems to be defender.  Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhat, Sonakshi Sinha, Ananya Pandey and  other so called ‘talented’ actress not even know how and when to use their ‘Fresh-minds’ in interview or social media platforms. The directors like Karan Johar, Adutya Chopra, Ekta Kapoor and the actors Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir, Ranveer are the Bugs of bollywood under the castle of nepotism which enlarging their size with each passing year by sucking numorous of unrecognized life that having real talent.

There are the such kids in industry who struggled in their life as they can’t get good class education so had to studied in ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’ and other international schools.  For their colleges they don’t have fee to take admission in IITs after getting a seat there, so they chose to study in just  ‘Drama school of London’ or ‘University of California’.  Their parents are so helpless to take them to holidays on ‘Moon’ or some other stars so they roams in ‘Dubai’, ‘US’ and other countries of this ‘planet’ only.  Don’t you think now that they struggle a lot more than a normal middle class non filmy background so called ‘struggler’ person. 

Now, Nepotism has become both a cuss word and a buzzword at the same time and that has torn Bollywood and mass opinions in two,  questioning who’s more talented (An off-spring of an established actor or a complete outsider) and does it really affect Indian cinema? As we all know that Connections, Money, Fake fame and awards are the part of nepotism but other catalyst that continuously enhanacing these subject into matter is our so called ‘Media’ and of course we ‘The Great Audience’ are the main factors that directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsiously helps to generate this idea of nepotism more firmly.  As how many of us go to a movie-hall to watch a newcomers movie?  We and our media is more interested in airport looks of stars,  their gym outfits,  and yeah what ‘Taimur’, ‘AbRam’ and other kids eating, wearing and where they are going. Instead of showing these non-sense we should look for such real stuff, like struggle story of real stars that can inspire us,  their incredible work plans such as SSR’s,  Akshay Kumar’s speeches and their wonderful works and awareness programs to humanity. Media should highlight and we should appreciate,  follow the Good deeds of our ‘Real Heroes’  without being partial to our other intelligent and genuine people of industry.  With this initiative spirit of taking things broadly and acceptence of reality we can surely reform these areas of concern in any of our field.

Bugs should be banned with broadly broadcasting their brutal truths.



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    I agree that Nepotism is not good. A society can progress only if it is a meritocracy. a very good post

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    Mam you stated all the bitter truths of industry in a row. I really liked it. ❣

  3. Sunanda Jadaun

    Thank you..🤗

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    Well Said.

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